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We are more than just your typical software development company. We are the visionary architects of your technological dreams. 

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Our Team

There aren’t many teams as equipped as ours. With an abundance of development, design, testing, and analytics experience, we’re well-versed in creating transformative products. If one thing is certain, we put your goals first, won’t waste your time, and will deliver what we promise.

  • Siyabonga Metane photo
    Siyabonga Metane


  • Dmitry Golev photo
    Dmitry Golev


  • Sergey Barvenko photo
    Sergey Barvenko

    Full-stack developer/Team lead

  • Eugene ZenBerry photo
    Eugene ZenBerry

    Full-stack developer

  • Viktoryia Rabtsevich photo
    Viktoryia Rabtsevich

    QA/QC engineer

  • Vladimir Luzan photo
    Vladimir Luzan

    Front-end developer

  • Aleksandr Mamchenkov photo
    Aleksandr Mamchenkov

    DevOps engineer

  • Elena Kiseleva photo
    Elena Kiseleva


  • Indira Tairova photo
    Indira Tairova

    HR manager

  • Alex But photo
    Alex But

    UI/UX designer

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